So much for forgiveness

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According to Arch Bishop Edward O’Brian who is overseeing inspections of some 220 US Catholic seminaries, “anyone who is engaged in homosexual activity or has strong inclinations should not be accepted into the seminary, even if the last sexual activity happened over a decade ago.” Le Show, episode 18 September 2005

Catholic doctrine states that homosexuality is a sin. Apparantly, Bishop O’Brian doesn’t think it’s a sin that can be forgiven.


  1. Penelope said,

    September 22, 2005 at 20:21

    Sigh. I’m appalled at how completely the Catholic church, and most voices I hear on the issue, have missed the pont of the church sex-abuse scandals. Molesting small children is a horrible thing to do, whether the small children are of your sex or the opposite sex. It’s such a damaging and abusive act that perhaps it should be considered a mortal sin. I dunno, I’m not the pope. Still, abusing a position of power to screw up the minds and lives of little kids seems to me to be the main problem. I don’t care which gender anyone involved is. Why is this point so rarely discussed?

    Incedentally, the United Methodist Church, in which I was raised, actually has democratic elections every year to determine its official stance on various issues. In my senior year in high school (1991 or 1992), I thumbed through that year’s book of official Methodist pronouncements.

    Yes, it said, homosexuality is a sin. Why? Because the church doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, and so all homosexual sex is fornication, which the Bible clearly says is a sin.

    I flipped further in. Did it explain why the chuch wouldn’t recognize same-sex marriages? Ah, yes. That’s easy. Homosexuals can’t marry each other because homosexuality is a sin. Sigh.

  2. Barb said,

    September 23, 2005 at 13:57

    This may well be the start of the end for the Roman Catholic Church,as the seminaries will be even emptier! Back when I attended a Catholic high school (way way longer ago than 1991), we all understood the sexual orientation of most of the nuns and priests, even if the whole world had their head in the ground back then (pre-AIDS) about homosexuality. I figured the unwritten rule was that if you were hetero you got married, if you were homo you joined the church.

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