Et tu, Pat?

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First Ann Coulter, now Pat Buchanen.

2,000 dead – and for what?

These are not the halcyon days of George W. Bush.

With his approval rating below 40 percent, his reputation as a decisive leader ravaged by Katrina, his conservative base shattered by Harriet and his closest aide facing indictment, the president is said to be shouting at and blaming subordinates for the lost opportunities of his second term.

Before we get to excited that the right has turned against Bush, it should be noted that Pat and W have never really been the best of friends, running against each other now and again.

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  1. Rachel Robson said,

    October 27, 2005 at 17:21

    Also, Pat’s been against the Iraq debacle from Day 1. The premise of his American Conservative magazine is that his beloved conservative movement, with its emphasis on fiscal restraint and modest foreign policy goals, has been hijacked by a bunch of ex-Trotskyite loonies who want to spend a bazillion dollars of taxpayer money to make the world safe for democracy or some such nonsense. And, of course, he’s right about that.

    American Conservative has also had some really solid reporting on the neocons’ deisgns on Syria and Iran.

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