Prediction revisited: Get ready for someone worse

Posted in at 8:09 by RjZ

The conservatives were rabid. Ms. Mier’s biggest problem wasn’t that she wasn’t qualified, but that she wasn’t conservative enough. Conservative groups outside of Washington feel that their overwhelming majority during the last election cycle means they have a mandate that they do not wish to squander. (Please don’t miss the sarcasm there.) ‘If Ruth Ginsberg, an ACLU lawyer can get confirmed, why can’t we have an openly conservative judge. We’ve worked years to get a conservative President, Congress and now we can finally get a conservative Court’ is what Senator Sam Brownback (R Kansas) had to say this morning on NPR.

But now progressives should really start to worry! This clearly has not weakened the republican agenda, in spite of my gleeful posts to the contrary. Indeed those voices will have been strengthened by this win. When Bush is weak he can’t turn to the middle of this country. Instead he must turn to his base of the Christian right for support. So while democrats in congress said little about Miers, they now have lost the stage to conservatives in and out of congress who will push for a nominee with a paper trail that leaves her conservative credentials immune to doubt.

This isn’t the way I predicted, but Roe v. Wade is still going down.

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