CNN.com – Bush attends church in China – Nov 19, 2005

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CNN.com – Bush attends church in China – Nov 19, 2005

In the guest book Bush wrote “May God bless the Christians of China.” Apparently everyone else can go to hell.

[Note: I am fully aware that this is, in fact, the view of Evangelical Christians, but while I may realize this, how will the rest of the Chinese and other nations see this inscription?]

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  1. Penelope said,

    November 20, 2005 at 11:28

    I liked Laura Bush’s inscription much better, “with love and respect.” That’s the way to relate to people of all cultures.

    Also, “God bless” statements of any kind bug me because they suggest that the speaker thinks he has some authority to boss God around. “*May* God bless” helps, as it is just a suggestion God can choose to follow if He feels like it, unlike “God bless America” (and the implied “to Hell with everyone else”), which is directly demanding God’s blessing. Still, who are we, who is even the President of the United States, to even suggest who God should bless? If there is a God, may God bless whoever He pleases, since by definition He knows who needs it better than we do.

    Finally, does it bug anyone else that a man who has dragged the United States into a world war with Islam and has brought the religious right into power in our country is now making a stand for “religious freedom”? Sigh.

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