The odds should be good

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Red Rocks Self PortraitI was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. You’d think there would be much to write about from such an amazing, entertaining, horrible, crazy city as Las Vegas. I did have a chance to travel just a few miles out of town to beautiful Red Rocks park to admire the very climbable sandstone cliffs still in view of the strip.

Why are there psychics in Las Vegas? That’s my big observation. Why are there store fronts in strip malls with big neon signs advertising for psychics. Psychics must be true altruists for they perform their service only to benefit others. Sure, you can tell me that some of these psychics are simply empathic and would get no benefit from living in Vegas, but being able to see if a person is likely to be very happy in the future or even know more about who they are right now would seem to be immanently marketable information in Vegas. If you had this skill, how long would it take you to parlay it into some real earnings? At least enough so that you could move your place of business out of a strip mall and maybe some place nearer to the lovely Red Rocks not that far away. This is reason enough for me to be skeptical of psychics. At least in Las Vegas.

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