Atheism is not a religion, and neither is agnosticism, or secular humanism!

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I claimed earlier that atheism is not a religion. I noted that others state that it is in order to show, for example, that the theory of evolution is a religion and therefore must be banned from public schools just as creationism is. Here’s another example An “Intelligently Designed” Ruling? (Excerpt)

Some religions, including but not limited to conservative Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and most forms of Islam, are consistent with ID and inconsistent with Darwinism. Other religions, including but not limited to liberal Christianity, Reformed Judaism, most forms of Buddhism, Secular Humanism, Unitarianism, atheism, and agnosticism, are consistent with Darwinism and inconsistent with ID.

Read the excerpt for more silly remarks.

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  1. Traveling Hypothesis » Why there are no atheist politicians said,

    July 13, 2011 at 10:54

    [...] spite of constant onslaught to the contrary (starting at comment number one!), atheism and agnosticism are not religions. The only thing you know for sure about one atheist or another is what they do not [...]

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