Why wait for dessert?

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I was brought up Jewish. Barely. We only got a menorah after I brought one back from a business trip to Israel. Instead, most years we had a Chanukah bush. A Chanukah bush is, of course, a Christmas tree with blue and white ornaments and dredels and things. In spite of my not-so-orthodox upbringing, a few things stuck from my Jewish tradition.

In the Christian tradition, families pray before the meal. “Lord, thanks for the bounty we are about to receive.” Jews, meanwhile, pray after the meal. I always thought it was because the Jews were always being persecuted and running away, so they weren’t sure they were going to get to eat the meal. Plus, why thank the Lord if the meal really wasn’t any good? “Lord, that was yummy, thanks,” or alternatively, “Let’s not say anything about this meal to the Lord, and maybe we can all forget that the meat was too dry and tough as leather.”

I’ve always extended this tradition by suggesting that dessert, the sweet reward you give yourself at the end of meal, can as easily precede as follow the entree. Let’s face it: pie is better than turkey. You’d hate to load up on turkey and not have enough room for pie, or worse, fall asleep from the tryptophan before you even get to the pie course. Then what would you have to be thankful for?

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  1. Hedda said,

    March 1, 2006 at 5:02

    I quite agree. Eating dessert first makes life a lot sweeter. Once in awhile, celebrate you. Celebrate love. Celebrate anything. Have dessert first. When it’s done right, eating dessert first can even help cure breast cancer. Seattle’s Athena Partners is motivating people to eat dessert first. And with delicious concoctions like warm almond cake with meringue ribbon and prosecco ice cream, you can’t go wrong. If more Republicans ate dessert first, I wonder what the world would be like.

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