Understanding webstats: how’d this happen?

Posted in Society at 16:17 by RjZ

The Reiki Page was shown in my webstats as a “requestor” for my post “Asking why opens your mind.” Can anyone who understands webstats explain this? How did that page, which is rather out there and is barely worth debunking because it says so little concrete in the first place, have much to do with my post? I get the skeptic connection, but I wonder which person was reading both pages? Was it the skeptic or the believer who was interested in both views? (That’s a good thing, either way!)

The Reiki page only concerns me if people with real health problems that have been demonstrated to respond to existing treatments will use the laying-on-of-hands instead. That sounds dangerous to their health, no matter how well meaning the author of the page is.

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