Baudolino is a liar. Does it matter?

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Umberto Eco’s Baudolino is another book that was recommended to me. Eco’s book is dense and sometimes difficult. Have your dictionary at the ready. I read slowly and a thick book like this was quite daunting. Indeed, often, while reading it I kept wondering why I was continuing. It’s not that like I didn’t like it, but I just couldn’t seem to focus on it.

The paperback version was too large to take with me on trips and thus, I finished two other books since I started Baudolino but I stuck to it. I am glad I did. It is an amazing tale, amazingly written (even if it did take me most of the book to realize it) Eco’s attention to detail and clever story telling forces the reader to think, to philosophize, to reflect and to wonder.

Baudolino is a travel book through time, history and legend about philosophy and meaning of words and beliefs and…about lies. Because the narrator tells us from the very beginning that he’s a liar; that everything we read is from one who tells tales and stretches the truth. The power of his lies changes the world inside this historical fiction and makes us wonder how powerful lies are our own world.

Reading Baudolino forces you to put your beliefs and skepticism to the test. How much does the truth matter if false premises yield true and beneficial results?

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