Senate Tackles Gay Marriage Ban, Proposal Backed By President Has Little Chance Of Passing – CBS News

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CBS News thinks the senate is ‘tackling’ gay marriage. Ha! What they’re doing is wasting time! Regardless of your views on the marriage rights of U. S. citizens,(you can read some of mine here) unless you’re a member of Focus on the Family, you’d be hard pressed to believe that this is the most important thing on the Senate’s agenda. Has the U. S. government forgotten that health care is becoming a crippling expense for the majority of individuals and small business and that thousands have died in a war overseas? Not to mention this ban, thankfully, has little or no chance of passing.

For the local Coloradans reading here, please note that Senator Wayne Allard is the sponsor of this pandering waste of time.

It’s rather convenient, in an important election year for republicans who are seeing dwindling approval ratings, to stir up their base of social conservatives with a non-issue that results in non-work. I would be more bothered by this, were it not that this congress and administration seem to be most successful at restricting privacy rights of the citizens and spending money. As a result, better they waste their time posturing than actually get anything done… ’cause that could be dangerous.

Remember, this is an election year. Don’t forget to vote them out in November!


  1. Traveling Hypothesis » National language or freedom of expression said,

    June 5, 2006 at 14:18

    [...] As I said here, there is a bright side. The more time the congress wastes on “asinine” issues the less they spend on asinine, or dangerous, laws. [...]

  2. tim r said,

    June 28, 2006 at 15:24

    I wrote Allard to tell him he should be ashamed of himself. I got back a nice form letter full of religious right gibberish.

    On a brighter note, please note that the biennial contest between anti-gay Marilyn Musgrave (US House, R-Northern Colorado) and Democrat Angie Paccione is once again shaping up to be decided a razor thin amrgin. Vote absentee early, and volunteer to get out the vote up there!

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