Did John Kerry really say this?

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Looks like Senator John Kerry, told students that if they don’t do well in school they could end up going to Iraq. Republicans and conservative bloggers everywhere jumped on this obvious implication: only the uneducated get stuck going to war.

Me, I am confused. Kerry is a war veteren. Is he implying that he too wasn’t bright enough to avoid the lowly act of serving our country as part of the military? It’s certainly true that a great many of the military have chosen their profession because they didn’t have many other options open to them. It’s not spoken about much but it’s pretty clear from where recruiters work that they are not exactly targeting those destined for ivy league schools, or even college at all.

That is not to say, however, that just because you’ve joined the military that you are not intelligent, educated, or wise. Many feel as if they have a calling. Many seek this option as an exciting way to learn new things and have the government pay for their expensive education. We who haven’t served in the military can hardly condemn them for that.

So I don’t get it. Why would Kerry decide so late it the game to come out so strongly in support of the stereotype that liberals are a bunch of over-educated elitists? Seems to me, this kind of thing could conservatives, formerly wavering in their support for republicans, why they can’t vote for the other party.


  1. Aaron said,

    November 1, 2006 at 22:31

    When somebody smart says something really stupid, it makes me wonder if they said something stupid so I would believe they were stupid. It seems like the Democratic Party (at least wants us to think it) is trying to fail. But what if (unifying?) the conservatives was the point all along? Are they artificially stabilizing the Conservatives power in hopes that “The bigger they are, they harder they’ll fall?”

    Or are the conspiracy theorists right about Kerry’s ties to the Illuminati JV team “Skull and Bones.”

    I guess I’m still annoyed that I voted for Kerry as the lesser of two ungoods in the last Presidential election, not for who I thought would make the best President. But no New World Order, Voting Machine Manipulation or Lizardperson made me vote for a person I did not want as President. I have to take responsibility for that choice.

    i will try not to repeat this mistake again

  2. erin said,

    November 2, 2006 at 0:56

    Of course we all know that in the past – Viet Nam, Korea, those who didn’t keep their grades up or get multiple bachelors or masters or just plain outlast the conflict – ended up going to another country to be killed. Isn’t it possible that that’s what he meant? Why doesn’t he just say that?

  3. tim r said,

    November 2, 2006 at 14:52

    Lost in the media circus is the fact that the military, desperate for recruits, recently lowered the test scores needed to make it into the military–as well as lowered the bar for convicted ex-felons to join, as well as raised the maximum enlistment age to 42 (wanna join up Ron? we’re not too old to be cannon-fodder–er IED-fodder)…

    But still, this is a classic case of the shooting yourself in the foot. Let’s just hope it puts an end to the Kerry 2008 campaign before it ever really starts.

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