Finally, a plan

Posted in at 13:45 by RjZ

Bush has all but ignored recommendations from the Iraq Study Group, and appears to be preparing a hail Mary pass to save the day in Iraq which is being called a “surge.”

Meanwhile, uncharacteristically, democrats like Joe Biden are finally starting to have a more detailed policy than ‘we don’t like what Bush is doing.’ Biden suggests we pull troops our by end of 2007 and that we leave a federal Iraq with nearly autonomous provinces for the Kurds, Sunis, and Shia. It’s not that much of a plan and it’s not very new (he admits it isn’t new) but unlike just about everyone else who actually holds a political office in the United States, it actually is a plan and for that, Biden ought to be commended.

Let’s hope that there will be more plans and that the debate can finally proceed passed the ‘you’re idea isn’t working’ comments.

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