2008 Presidential Convention to Be Held in Denver

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The New York Times reported that 2008 Presidential Convention to Be Held in Denver.

This does not mean that the democrats actually like unions after all. Indeed, they haven’t even solved those problems. New York apparently couldn’t get over its obstacles either, so Mr. Dean (wisely) went for Denver! It is great news for Denver and Colorado. A huge range of business should enjoy a boost from the huge attention and visitation that Denver and Colorado will receive from the democratic convention. It should contribute strongly to the debate in Colorado and elsewhere, because most, even those in Colorado, would probably describe the state as red, or republican voting. That’s clearly not our recent track record, but the presidential race (for which Colorado did go republican) is higher profile.

I don’t think this hurts the libertarians either, who can try to court all those blue-dog democrats (all 13 of them.) Heck, these things have become pure media events with little or no substance, but it’s still one of the most energetic political activities in our calender and probably a good opportunity to learn more about the process for those living in Colorado.

Or, well, you might get lucky with a drunk intern…really it’s a no-lose situation.

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