1000 Miles or Bust!

Posted in at 12:41 by RjZ

It’s going to be tiring just reading about it. Tim Rohrer has set off to hike 1000 miles this year. Tim’s not an Appalachian Trail through-hiker, he’s a smart guy from Boulder who likes to hike. He’s set a goal that he’ll walk his dog, snow-shoe, back-pack and generally walk around for 1000 miles this year. I, for one, don’t think this is an easy goal. 1000 miles is almost three miles a day. Every day. Rain, snow or shine. Tired, sick, happy or bored, he’s got to get out there. If he misses a day, that’s a six mile hike; waits for the weekend and he’s got to do an 18 miler (and another three the next day!)
So far, I’ve hiked about 15 miles this year (some of them with Tim!) I’d be happy to do 500 and maybe a 1000 on that new bike from last year. Not an easy goal for a weekend warrior, but even when it’s as cold as it is in Boulder right now (1°F, –17°C) it sure is beautiful out!

I am sincerely excited to see how it goes and look forward to joining him on a few miles myself. Keep track of Tim’s progress and cheer him on!


  1. Ian said,

    January 16, 2007 at 8:43

    It isn’t as bad as you think RJ. If you have a dog like mine you have to take it for a walk every day. I say I average about 1.5 miles a day. Besides walking around work which I cover at a minimum 1 mile to 5 miles a day and weekend hikes , I probably reach the 1000 miles in a year.

  2. Aaron said,

    January 17, 2007 at 8:06

    Tim laid down some pretty decent rules, so it won’t be a walk in the park…unless that park is over a mile. His bookkeeping seems fairly conservative(and he already has some ground to make up).

    Most importantly he seems to update regularly, which is always good for attracting repeat visitors.

    Great job and Good luck Tim!

  3. tima diving and other assorted fun i can't have at home said,

    January 18, 2007 at 14:09

    thanks for the comments guys, and to Ron for the plug. I’m in Hawaii right now, falling further behind due to scuba diving and other assorted fun I can’t have in Colorado. Of course I managed to break the sidebar the day that I first posted from hawaii, and I literally haven’t had time to fix it until today as I didn’t have a backup on my laptop. But all is well now and you can follow my progress again.

    I think the key thing is what should count as a hike?

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