Boring airplanes, not dangerous ones please.

Posted in at 7:39 by RjZ

There are so many rules on planes. It’s a good thing no one follows them.

I’m a little embarrassed. I turned my computer on during a flight. It wasn’t to do work, mind you…that would be really embarrassing, but I risked the lives of my fellow passengers because my wireless networking was still on from earlier in the day. I moused over to turn it off and noticed that I was not alone in my oversight. There were at least four other computers offering peer-to-peer networks.

I am sure it was an oversight, just like mine, and that these people, upon seeing that their wireless was active, immediately turned it off. It definitely wasn’t that they don’t know how to use their PCs and have no idea that their computer is offering a useless peer-to-peer network that has more chance opening their computers to malicious hacking than anything else. I didn’t check though. That could be dangerous.

Um, actually, I hope it’s not really dangerous. I’ve been flying a lot lately.

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