Hell with snakes, DVDs on a plane

Posted in at 10:30 by RjZ

Back in the day, air passengers used to fear seeing toddlers on the plane. Imagining a flight disturbed by constant crying and fussing they wished only to be as far away as possible. Good news! Kids don’t cry all the time any more. One of the side effects of the generation of toddlers being babysit by DVDs, is that they seem to have developed a need for constant entertainment which, it turns out, can be disturbing when they’re sitting next to you on a plane. They’re quite happy watching Dora the Explorer on portable DVD players (nice of the creators of that show to familiarize kids with slant rhyme so early in their development, but I digress). Unfortunately, I get to ‘enjoy’ it too, because three year olds aren’t very good at wearing earphones, it seems, and neither are their little brother’s sitting behind them. (Wow, one DVD player per child!)

The parent of my little Barney-the-Purple-Dinosaur-watcher kept pointing out that it was loud and turning it down, but even the quiet player still emitted enough tinkling bells, kazoos, and happy voices to make most any tired traveler nauseous. I wish I could have at least seen her screen. She didn’t seem all that interested anyway and mostly turned around to look at her brother and ask what he was watching. If I could least I could have enjoyed an epispode of Barney that I’d missed while away.

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