Oh, sure, it’s the Norwegians fault.

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So, Gore won the Nobel peace prize. Interesting. It doesn’t say much for Gore, after all, Yassir Arafat won it also, and I don’t know that he did much for world peace. The Nobel committee said Gore was “probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted.” That’s hard to argue.

The loud, vocal, minority who believes, contrary to the views of most scientists, that climate change has not been contributed by humankind seems to think Gore’s pretty damn responsible too. They jumped right on CNN.com to complain about how he’s promoted pseudo science and the like, or that they selected Gore for political reasons. Those damn Norwegians, always mixing in American politics!

Another U.S. American has won the Nobel Peace prize. Regardless of what you may think of the award, it’s good press for this nation, and with Bush still not making friends outside of our borders, much less inside, these days, we could use all the help we can get.


  1. Bruce Salisbury said,

    October 27, 2007 at 10:09

    except for the fact that “human caused global warming” does not happen to be true, I don’t know what the issue would be.
    I find most, if not all of An inconvenient Truth to be extremely dishonest in providing only facts that support Al Gores business of selling carbon offsets to Hollywood types so they can puff up at coaktail parties when they breathlessly inform their ilk that they are carbon neutral.

  2. RjZ said,

    October 27, 2007 at 10:51

    Thanks for commenting! I am surprised you’re in the there’s no “human caused global warming” camp. I wouldn’t say humans are the exclusive cause, and correlation (increased human CO2 output vs. increased average temperatures) is hardly sufficient proof of causation, but surely, a significant quantity of respectable experts seem to believe that there is much evidence to support the conclusion that 1. global warming is happening now and 2. humans have contributed significantly to the root causes such as increased greenhouse gases.

    I actually haven’t seen Gore’s film so my posting was really meant to point out that the nobel committee is unlikely to have chosen Gore for political reasons–give me a break, why would they really care?–and that the far right’s response on CNN was a bit ludicrous. I am not a climate scientist and I too am skeptical of the extent to which humans and their actions have contributed to global warming but I am willing to defer to the majority of published work on this one. Yes, there are detractors, even quite respectable ones.

    I once argued that there isn’t really so much evidence for platetechtonics and that the fact that the continents look like neat little puzzle pieces is hardly a strong argument, but a colleague showed my the myriad confirming pieces of evidence and I was swayed. What I have read on global warming and its human antecedents is much the same. I might not be convinced by any one correlation and I’ve seen very credible counter arguments to many of them, but the sheer quantity of unrelated arguments that point to the same cause has swayed me in this direction, at least to the extent that I have had the opportunity to study this topic.

    Please let me know what convinces you the other way…I’d certainly like to blog about it!

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