As if she would listen

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A 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to receive 200 lashes (and now another six months in jail!) for being the victim of rape. Senator Hillary Clinton is so angry about this that she’s blasted President Bush for not condemning Saudi Ariabia and not calling on King Abdullah to repeal this sentence.

It may be obvious to the kind of people reading this blog that the woman’s punishment is absurd. I too, am opposed to many of the laws around the world and quite a few in my own country. Some laws are downright appalling (such as the Sharia laws of Saudi Arabia) and many of them violate basic human rights that I should be applicable across borders.

Individually, we each have a right to express our opinion of these laws and even act against them through boycots and even sanctions, but no country has the right to directly interfere with the sovereignty of another without expecting war.

Where does Ms. Clinton (and now Joe Biden has joined her) get off demanding that Mr. Bush go tell the leader of a sovereign nation what laws to enforce? How would a President Clinton respond to requests to punish the free speech of anti-muslim activists? How will Hillary react to cries that homosexuality be banned (as it is in many of our allies’ countries)? Will President Clinton wonder what the first man has to say when she receives a phone call from King Abdullah asking her to leave office as women in his country aren’t even afforded the right to drive a car, let alone become president. Does she really think King Abdullah ought to have this right to tell her how to run the United States of America? How then, does she expect anyone to take this grandstanding seriously?

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