Never seen so little.

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A friend got me one of those travel maps where you can place pins to mark where you’ve been. Naturally, map in mind, I was pretty excited about my recent business trip to Korea. It was a painfully short excursion but I ought to be able to come up with something to write about. I haven’t had the time to really come up with a good story about the journey, so I’ll just include everything about the travel, journal style, for your enjoyment. Here it is:

home -> airport -> hotel -> office -> hotel -> airport -> power plant -> hotel -> power plant -> hotel -> office -> airport -> home.

There were some meals in there, loads of kimchee, but no place particularly special and I saw essentially nothing. Airports and power plants are not, typically, near anything interesting; these were no exceptions. I’ve never actually traveled somewhere and seen so little.

I put a little pin in my map just the same though. This totally counts.

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