Can people have soylent green and a planet, too?

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I got asked again the other day why I don’t eat meat. I am really tired of answering the question, but it’s hard to link to your blog in real-life. It’s a completely reasonably question, but I really don’t want to get into the discussion. As time goes by, I no longer real off my story about the three reasons people typical stop eating meat (animal welfare, health, or environment.) I assume that, thanks to PETA, animal welfare gets the most attention and is what motivates people to ask me with such curiosity.

They can’t, after all, imagine why I wouldn’t eat an animal since humans clearly have fangs. (This somewhat silly argument was part of that recent inquiry. Humans are hardly evolved to eat meat, what with those side-to-side grinding teeth, and long intestines etc., but you can learn more about that elsewhere). Thing is, the environment has always been the biggest reason for me and with all the recent attention on it, it’s much easier to justify.

This weirdness from the New York Times blog says we might have to eat fake meat, and I don’t mean saiten, in the not so distant future. That ought to scare a few more people my way.

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