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You’d never know it from my reviews, but I actually have been reading a bit now and then. Here look, I’ll prove it:

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller. Amazingly poetic, raunchy, funny, barely intelligible at times, almost pointless, but quite fantastic. Oh, and you can read this online!

Freakonomics, Stepehn Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Thought provoking. You don’t want to agree with some of their claims but there’s no lack of evidence and discussion to at least concede there might be something to it. A joy for lateral thinkers, likely annoying to everyone else, at least this book reminds us to follow the money, or least the incentive behind facts and figures describing how people act.

How to be Good, Nick Hornby. I enjoy Hornby’s books because they’re just fun easy reading. This too was fun, and easy reading, just not as much as his other books. Which is fine, except it wasn’t as good either. If you’re a Hornby fan it won’t kill you to read this one too. It’s less autobiographical, so we can assume it was more work to write. That’s worth something. Maybe?

Bliss, O. Z. Livaneli. Learn how diverse Turkey is. Learn how Turkish people are filled with pride, but completely torn about being Turkish. Torn between Europe and the Middle Eastern cultures, Turkey can’t decide which one it likes better or wants to be a part of. Learn how scary Turkey can be too. Oh, and feel like that it’s more important than the story for you to learn all these things.

There. All caught up now. Add comments if you actually want to know more about any of these books.

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