Game changer, or playing games?

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Time Magazine makes the case well, and I buy it a little bit too. Sarah Palin, McCain’s choice for a running mate has even less experience than Obama, but there’s no reason to assume that’s a bad thing. She is about as socially conservative as they get though, and that doesn’t make me happy; I still want to the government to stay out of my business, but she wants to outlaw abortion even in the case of rape or incest.

The thing I’m wondering though, as likable as I suspect Ms. Palin will be to the American people, isn’t it possible that this choice wasn’t about the best person for the position, but rather the best person to balance the ticket?  Maybe the democrats are no better. Mr. Biden’s experience balances Obama’s ticket rather, after all, but at least, one could make a case that he really is qualified for the job. Ms. Palin’s leadership skills, outside of being governor for Alaska for two years, amount to being a small town mayor and running fishing business with her husband. It might be enough, but then, it might just be that the republican party thought they needed a young, conservative woman to counteract McCain’s old, male, not nearly conservative enough for the rabid right.

Don’t you feel pandered to?

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