I should have over spent

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I am not weathering this financial crisis very well. Alright, that’s not true. For the moment, it’s done absolutely nothing to me except on paper. But I still think I didn’t plan well enough. What I should have been doing all this time is spending money instead of saving it.

Take, for example, candidate McCain’s recent proposal: “under the plan, the government would buy up bad mortgage loans, converting them into low-interest, FHA-insured loans. To qualify, homeowners would have to be delinquent in their payments or be likely to fall behind in the near future.” So, I would have been able to enjoy a government insured low interest loan if only I had the forethought to fill my home with all sorts of toys like widescreen televisions and jetskis. If I were running out of money right now, the government would prop up the loan I could no longer afford!

I think I better go buy something!

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