A dirty November surprise or no news at all

Posted in Society at 9:56 by RjZ

Today, the blogosphere is filled with the desperate November surprise from conservatives hoping to save Mr. McCain’s ailing run for the president. McCain’s campaign won’t be saying anything about this, you can bet, but dozens and dozens are reporting (from a single source of course) That Obama said he would bankrupt the coal industry. (Try any of the links. They all report from the exact same transcript, the same quote from January, 2008.)

What Mr. Obama was saying, while trying to impress a liberal paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, is that he will push for a cap and trade system which will charge businesses that produce CO2. Businesses like coal-fire power plants produce quite a lot of CO2 and so, as far as he’s concerned they can do what they wish and build new power plants, but that the costs associated with producing CO2 may, and here his choice of words probably resonated well with the liberal audience, bankrupt them.

Why is this not really news and not something Mr. McCain’s campaign will be discussing? Because Mr. McCain has also proposed a cap and trade system and more or less, his proposal would have essentially same effect on greenhouse gas producing businesses as Obama’s.

For conservatives to attack Mr. Obama’s strong words which we can assume as a politician were meant both to simplify the complex results of a cap and trade system and to show how green his and is typical but childish and shows how little they understand the proposals of their own candidate.

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