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As I mentioned in my earlier post the graphic design and branding for the Obama campaign were impressive. The New York Times interviewed the designer of the campaign logo.

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  1. Nomad said,

    November 29, 2008 at 13:29

    Whatever else you do, you’re always a graphic designer, aren’t you? Thanks for sharing this. (Thanks also for pointing out that the guy who designed the “Obey” giant sticker on my car also designed the spooky “Hope” poster. I noticed the resemblance, but I didn’t know it really was Shepard Fairey.)

    I was very impressed with Obama’s marketing overall, and particularly with the logo. The best evidence I’ve seen of the logo’s power in its simplicity appeared in my favorite comic strip, the web-only Sinfest. Check it out: Notice how easily you can tell which side each character is on? I think Obama’s logo is a gift for political cartoonists everywhere.


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