A cold day in China

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As I am writing this, I can see a man walking his dog on a frozen, windswept lake, framed by a Chinese pagoda and rock formations. I am at the Junhui Jianguo hotel in Tianjin, China awaiting a business meeting and even just sitting next to the window I can feel how cold it is outside. I didn’t bring enough clothes for this. Of course, I don’t think I could have; it’s almost Fargo cold out there.

Funny thing about cold is how much wind and sun effect the sensation of cold for us. Living in Boulder, I am used to cold; it’s often well below freezing in the winter. Except, while it was much colder in Boulder, last month before my trip, than it is here now, it feels much worse here. It’s winter. I expected it to be cold. I even spent some time testing my gear in Colorado before deciding what to bring. Too bad I hadn’t reckoned on humidity, wind and solar radiation mostly blocked by pollution. It’s just much more difficult to tolerate the cold here. Even in short trips from the car to a restaurant (rarely heated much here) or a customer site (almost never heated except for small offices) I notice it.

Tuk Tuk, Chinese style.

Not so well insulated from the cold if
you ask me. So far, I’ve been on business
and able to spend time in a warm car.

Next week I’ll travel around as a proper tourist and I expect it will be much worse. Then, instead of being able to warm up now and again in a car, I’ll be trying to stay out all day holding my camera with too light gloves on my hands as I walk around, outside, all day. Good luck on that. In the north east it’s cold enough that even the Chinese are wearing hats (few did so in Beijing) but they’re still hardier folk than I. I may end up with a souvenir hat of one of the Chinese military. A fake fur lined hat may look silly, but it will come in handy here.

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