MS 150, actually a good reason to ride a long way

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She started it. My friend has MS and that really pisses me off. It’s a nasty disease and like most diseases nobody should every get it. She’s required to stick needles into herself everyday to keep the symptoms like blurred vision and weakness at bay. But what pisses me off is it was this friend who started this whole “Triple Bypass” thing. She’s the one who got the new bike and is riding the MS 150.

Clearly, she’s not going to do it alone. She joined the Left Hand Brewing Team and our Triple Bypass team of idiots is joining her for support, because 2 x 75 miles in as many days is a perfect training ride for the big torturous climb a few weeks later. Unlike the Triple Bypass, the MS 150 is actually for a good cause. That’s why you should support me and donate some nice tax-deductible money to support me and above all to help find a cure for MS. I’d like to get rid of as many excuses for her to inadvertently make me do stupid things as possible. Click here and donate!

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  1. Traveling Hypothesis » Riding for a cause is better than training said,

    June 29, 2009 at 17:06

    [...] exceeded its goal of $40,000 raised to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. If any of this makes it so my friend (who trained almost 2000 miles this year and rode the 150 with no problem) doesn’t have to [...]

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