Worthy of the Onion

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The Chinese have a way with English that’s already legendary. I thought it was pretty unfair of me to complain about it. After all, I was working overtime to extend my Chinese beyond ni hao (hello) and xie xie ni (thank you) which would put me past most Americans. So I was thankful for “No driving unnecessarily in emergency lane” or even “you are welcome putting soap in.”

The China Daily is different. According to their site they employ over 40 professional journalists and over 400 English speaking staff. The quality of the articles reflects this and here you’ll find writing that could be found in most any English language paper in the world. Probably with loads fewer mistakes than you’ll find here on this blog.

Sometimes they do encounter some difficulty though. Or maybe the author was putting one over on the censors. From the 24-25 January, 2009 issue I received on the flight back:

Fighting Online Porn, Long, Hard

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