Building up a base

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Oh, six months or so to go…looking great.

Thursday and Friday: trainer time. ‘Bout and hour one day and 30 minutes the next. I hope not to keep too much track of trainer time. Seems embarrassing somehow.

Saturday: Mike’s loop, 24.48 miles at an average speed of 14.06 mph. Mike’s loop is a relatively flat loop but hey, it was windy and I was coughing up a lung as I recover from China. I actually had to push just to keep this speed up and I am glad I was riding with fellow Triple Bypass riders because I wouldn’t even have pushed that hard if left to my own devices. Still, that’s pretty slow. Did I mention it was windy?

Monday: Lunch loop, running, (alright, jogging), 3.15 miles at 9:56 pace. I do this during lunch now and again (maybe more in the future, and that terrible time is actually not so far off of typical for me. Which is good, because my lungs hurt pretty bad breathing in all the cold air.

One of my colleagues is an avid runner and cyclist. He insists that this is exactly what I should be doing: exercising through the phlegm. But it sure isn’t pleasant. I can hardly take a deep breath even now as I write this hours later. What do you think? cough my way to fitness or not?

Meanwhile, I am not worried about my times and speed right now; I am ‘building up a base.’ It just remains to be seen how long I can keep that excuse going.

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  1. Mike said,

    February 2, 2009 at 18:14

    By the time we complete the Triple Bypass we should have a pretty good base – after that we can concentrate on climbing and speed.

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