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It was bound to happen. One minute American hero, one ridiculously insignificant oversight later, and your image is being used to promote head shops around the nation. I doubt it will have much impact on his career if Mile High Pipe and Tobacco get’s to have a little fun at Mr. Phelps expense, but Kellogg’s withdrawing their sponsorship might have more effect.

Micheal Phelps AdvertisementIt’s pretty silly too. If I had to guess, Mr. Phelps is probably a pretty healthy guy and quite a reasonable role model, even if he does take a hit from a pipe during a party now and then. Didn’t our Barack Obama admit he inhaled? “That was the point ” he said in an interview.

Does anyone really care whether Mr. Phelps smoked pot? If our hero-in-chief can do it, I am sure a swimmer can get away with it. Kellogg’s apparently wants to make a statement about how moral and willing to joust with windmills they are. That’s what I think about when I have my cereal…did the guy on the Wheaties box ever do anything I wouldn’t like? The thing I want to know is did Mile High pay for that image?

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  1. aaron said,

    February 13, 2009 at 22:19

    Ordinarily I would scoff at the notion of marijuana being a performance enhancing drugas was claimed back during the Nagano Winter games with a (gasp!) snowboarder. But in the case of Michael Phelps and his 12,000 calorie diet, maybe it actually is. Maybe it takes an occasional toke to work up the appetite for the large pizza after his second pound of pasta.

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