Falling behind

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It’s not my fault. The weather won’t cooperate with cycling. I had already decided that I can’t avoid the wind since organized rides are hardly cancelled for such minor inconveniences, but blizzards are another annoyance entirely. So while I was ahead of my ‘training schedule,’ last week’s snow put me way behind. [It's no oversight that this so-called training schedule isn't published here. Then my fair readers would be able to compare and, well, point and laugh.]

But I’m not worried about being behind. Sure, last week was mostly snowbound. One 20 mile lunch ride at a nice clip considering the wind (see?!) and then a relaxing 17 mile ride trying to avoid the snow patches and gravel still on the road after the snow had finally stopped. Hey, I was riding after a blizzard…that counts for something.

The week before though, that’s the one that’s giving me hope. One goal for training was to get up to 19 mph average speeds on the flats. As of Thursday of the week before, I did my 14 mile lunch ride and broke the 19 mph average. Victory! But wait, there’s more! From my home to Carter Lake and back, for a 62 mile ride–in three and half hours! My average was 17.8 mph. I was giving it all I could to keep the pace above 18 on the return, which I couldn’t do, but I’m pretty happy with that time just the same.

There’s still more. One more ride on Sunday, completing the week with a total of 147 miles, and I actually passed someone, on a climb. Sure, the guy was just cruising along on an old steel road bike, but it still counts as a victory. Not just anybody climbs Olde Stage. I can only assume he’s professional ride. There’s some chance I won’t be dead last on the Triple Bypass. I should have asked that guy if he was doing the ByPass himself. I could have given him my ticket, which would have saved me a lot of trouble.

We’ll see if I can return to this screaming pace after the weather stabilizes. Today was windy (road anyway, damnit) and tomorrow might snow. They didn’t mention this stuff on the training programs I printed out from the interwebs.

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