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OK. I am not so sure about this training-like-an-athlete thing. Or maybe it’s cycling. I complained about weather getting in the way last time, and, well, I could do that again today, except  I don’t want to complain about the weather. I like weather. I like rain and snow along with cool summer days with lots of sun. Either would be repressive without the respite of the other.

But the pressure of riding all the time warps my affection for all kinds of weather. I am struggling to get enough riding in and fine myself dreading the rain which my new expensive garden needs so much. That’s just wrong. You know what else is wrong? Scheduling your activities around training. Hmm, should we go on that camping trip?…it might put me behind on my riding. Dumb.

All this is an excuse though. Really, I am just tired after riding 70 miles yesterday and I was thrilled when it was snowing this morning–yay! No riding for me today! So, how am I doing?

Week of the 30th March- around 71 miles in four rides. Actually rode in the snow!

Week of 6 April – 42 miles in three rides. Rode twice one of those days.

Week of 13 April – 57  miles in three rides. One was a relaxing town bike ride. Noticing a trend here…this is weeks of barely training. It was the weather I tell you.

Week of 20 April – - 151 miles in 6 rides. One was an earth day commute on a town bike, but honestly, it was pretty tiring. The other big ride was the afore mentioned 71 miles.

That was a good week. That’s what I supposed to do all the time. Except, whew, it’s tiring. 71 miles is the longest this year. I chose flats and rolling hills because of the wind, which changed direction during the day so that I was able to enjoy a headwind–in both directions! It’s not a little bit scary that 70 miles represents around half of the big stupid ride (Triple Bypass). I was completely pooped 10 miles later than my previous long ride this year (which is 10 miles before the ride was over, unfortunately). I’ll call that progress.

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