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I’m dizzy whenever I stand up. Nearly every time I get up, from a chair, a couch, or bed, I get light headed. That’s not good, right? And it’s only been happening, at least happening so frequently, for a couple of months.

The internet search listed a hypochondriac’s dream of possible causes, but the most popular one was high blood pressure. Seemed ridiculous to me; I’ve always had low blood pressure, but it’s not something you mess around with, so, against my typical plan of action, I made a doctor’s appointment.

My poor heart beats like a hummingbird’s most of the time. Last time I measured my resting pulse rate it was something like 85 beats per minute. Once I recorded it over weeks while I was exercising in preparation for the Bolder Boulder 10K run and, in spite of all the running, it never really went down like it’s supposed to. One of my athlete friend’s resting pulse is 43. His heart is so powerful it just beats every once in a while and coasts the rest of the time.

Still, wonder’s never cease and all this training may finally be starting to pay off because when they measured my pulse at the doctor’s office it was 57! My blood pressure was below average as well. The doctor explained that all this was just my body adapting to its new fitness level. The blood vessels dilate with exercise and the lower pulse rate is less responsive to changes until your body notices what’s going on all the time, blah blah blah.

Apparently, my heart muscle has grown by a third and I am a perfect, Lance Armstrong only with both testicles, physical specimen. I am not really any faster on the bike, but, clearly, I am awesome now. Dizzy, but awesome.

In case you’ve been keeping track, here are the miles over the last 30 days:
28 April— 8.9 mile, lunch loop
29 April— 16.9 mile, time trial from home
30 April— 25.9 mile, longer version of the time trial
3 May— 60.2 miles, but there was a long break in the middle to drink beer at the Left Hand MS 150 fund raiser. Have you donated yet?
—the trainer and running a bit while I was traveling for work, but no riding for a week—
9 May— 33.4 miles, over three hills, like a mini triple bypass.
11 May— 23.4 mile, another extended time trial
14 May— 14.9 mile and another 16.9 mile. Twice in one day!
15 May— 13 mile, climbing up Olde Stage (the locations might be interesting to locals…)
16 May— 44.6 mile, climbing up Ward, ouch.
17 May— 48 mile loop from Left Hand to Carter Lake
18 May—26.9 mile after work ride with fellow Triple Bypass idiot
19 May—9 mile, lunch loop.

All that riding clearly explains my awesomeness. Of course it does.

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Geek Gold

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You must watch this!

Welcome to a whole new world of information! Actually using Wolfram|Alpha can be frustrating sometimes. Not because the information isn’t absolutely amazing, but rather because, as it currently stands, there are many things it doesn’t interpret (which is reasonable) and it can be challenging to drill down in the information the way you wish, because the designers do an amazing job of showing you interesting things, but if you suddenly see something interesting, it’s not obvious how to enter your question to learn more.

For example, my 987th attempt at entering random things, (after the word “penis” but before the phrase “length of the small intestine” (no answer, under development), I tried border length of Germany. It gave me the answer for each country, which is a pretty amazing thing to immediately know (why?), but I couldn’t get it to give me the sum of these figures which seems a simple request.

Meanwhile, I don’t think there is enough time in the day for me to get through all the things I’m likely to enter into that text field!

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Are you following me?

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Please tell me I’ve missed something. There really is something worthwhile here, beyond an embarrassing show of media ignorance as they try to jump on a bandwagon going nowhere. I’m talking about twitter of course. I tried it about a year ago. I tried following a few friends who were, thankfully in retrospect, not very active. I tried following a few news sources, but found the information less useful than just listening to NPR on my drive home.

I recognized that, beyond the incredibly narcissistic answer to “what am I doing (every second of the day)?” there might be some real value to twitter. When people in real positions of power tweet from the G7 meeting, describing what’s going on behind doors I will never get through, there is clearly something useful happening. I tried my version of reporting, tweeting my comments during a keynote speech from an energy generation conference. I just don’t go to enough of those for anyone to follow me on a regular basis.

Then, I tweeted my, for now perhaps, last tweet asking people not to follow me, as nothing will happen. Still, various spammers and marketing ploys and even some friends guessing I might be joking, have decided to follow my non-existent stream of twitters. I assume they’re all bored and have moved on

“What am I doing?” is asked on facebook too. I don’t mind reading about what others are doing there–that’s the whole point of facebook, after all, but I haven’t yet thought of anything I was doing where you, my dear readers, followers, flickr contacts, and facebook friends, would really need to know. right. this. very. minute. second. While I am interested what I am doing at any  given moment, for example, “R. J. is blogging,”  if you really need to know give me a call or a text and I’ll let you know. If you don’t have my number, why would you care anyway?

Then there’s the marketing potential of twitter. Trent Reznor connects with his fans and those following his twitter not only get insight to his music but hints when the latest release is coming. I see how it can be a useful eye-witness news opportunity. Cell phones are where the action is, because they are nearly ubiquitous. But can someone please tell me what I am missing? People barely read this blog–should I spread it out to one sentence at at a time in order to get people to read it? How do you twitter fans sort the overwhelming wheat from the chaff?

Once we figure it out, maybe we can let journalists know, so they can stop this whole stumbling over the correct lingo and making twits themselves. If you’ve got some insight, and I am glad to have a reason to join the twitterverse, let me know in the comments section please. Because I am not following you on twitter.

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