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You must watch this!

Welcome to a whole new world of information! Actually using Wolfram|Alpha can be frustrating sometimes. Not because the information isn’t absolutely amazing, but rather because, as it currently stands, there are many things it doesn’t interpret (which is reasonable) and it can be challenging to drill down in the information the way you wish, because the designers do an amazing job of showing you interesting things, but if you suddenly see something interesting, it’s not obvious how to enter your question to learn more.

For example, my 987th attempt at entering random things, (after the word “penis” but before the phrase “length of the small intestine” (no answer, under development), I tried border length of Germany. It gave me the answer for each country, which is a pretty amazing thing to immediately know (why?), but I couldn’t get it to give me the sum of these figures which seems a simple request.

Meanwhile, I don’t think there is enough time in the day for me to get through all the things I’m likely to enter into that text field!

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