No sixty years later for Mr. C.

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In a follow up to my previous post, it seems that, in the United States at least, there will be no sequel to Catcher in the Rye. Many Catcher fans reveled in the decision, afraid that the very existence of a bad, unauthorized sequel which they are not forced to read will ruin their experience of reading the iconic book, just like Vanilla Ice ruined Queen’s Under Pressure for me. (Alright, it’s the only example  I could come up with. I actually do like Under Pressure, but not enough to care about Vanilla Ice’s riff on it.; by the way, that was my attempt at a pop reference people might even recognize. Imagine how bad it could have been if I chose a song I actually cared about…)

It’s no surprise that copyright law is being stretched to protect creators more and more; they are, in fact, under more and more pressure in the digital age of easy copies, but this little episode has done little except ensure the prominent location of what is likely a bad sequel. Seems rather misguided of Mr. Salinger to me.

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