It’s only bad when you say it

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“Somewhere in Texas a villiage is missing its idiot,” “National Embarrassment, International Disaster,” “Fuck Bush.” Do you remember them? Plenty of cars are still driving around with these stickers on their rear bumpers. A few of them can be seen peaking out from underneath “Obama08″ and “Hope” stickers.

Racist NObama sticker

Racist NObama sticker

I was never a fan of Bush’s religious inspired adventurism, curtailing of privacy and individual rights, and general inability to articulate a clear thought. I agreed with many of the sentiments implied by the bumper sticker conversation.

On the other hand, I am not a huge fan of Obamanomics and I am quite afraid of the giant Keynesian experiment going on right now. And yet is it me, or is the U.S. right wing even more shrill than the left? Calling Bush an idiot is a personal attack that might not be the most polite or appropriate thing to do to the president of the United States but it claiming the president wasn’t even born here (against all evidence to the contrary) in an effort to get him kicked out (sounds desparate); calling him a (reverse racist) as Fox commentator Beck has done strikes me as a stretch, even if the same shrill conservatives are happy to jump on it.

An acquaintance of mine called the Bush era democrats “treasonous” because the offered dissent about the war. Under that silly argument , couldn’t suggesting Obama is a Marxist socialist be categorized the same? Shoe doesn’t fit so well when it’s on the other foot, does it?

And then there’s the sticker I saw on the back of a truck parked at the Denver Airport. (You didn’t think it’d be on a Prius did you? Stop stereotyping!) Clever isn’t it? A slight modification of Obama’s graphic promotional graphics and we’re lead to believe the owner of the car thinks Obama might be a Muslim and that’s perhaps why we shouldn’t vote for him. It’s difficult to know for sure (the Census Bureau does not count religious affiliation) but there are something like 2 million Muslims in the United States, or around 0.5%. That’s round about the same as the number of Jews. Just a guess, but it’s not as fashionable to be anti-semetic as it is to be anti-Muslim.

It’s too easy for me to be biased, after all, I thought at least a few of the Bush bumper stickers were right on, and I don’t believe, as many conservatives claim(ed…during the Bush administration), that it’s not patriotic to bash the president, but don’t you agree that stickers like this are just shrill, racist, crap and really only succeeding in making the far right look stupid? (Except it’s doubtful that this sticker was on some racist, radical’s car…I’ve seen too many similar sentiments to assume this is just a rare case.)

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