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I really intended to reduce the amount of political nonsense I write here, but, well, it’s easier then having to constantly come up with travel stories and, well, lately, I am annoyed. I’ve already mentioned earlier how it seems to me that the political right in the U.S. is really going pretty nuts about Obama and, biased as I may be (hey, I didn’t vote for him either) it just seems ridiculous. There are so many examples, I could make a new category and blog daily about it. This may explain how news channels and political blogs stay in business.

Latest blast? Obama is indoctrinating our kids through a back-to-school address. Really! Check out some of the comments in the link, including this one from Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer:

“As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology,”

Is he serious? This is just embarrassing. I’m appalled that this paranoid nut is indoctrinating his four children about how not to be critical thinkers. The president was elected, by more than half of the nation. The last time we elected someone our Commander in Chief could barely make that claim, and we let him talk to school children. Bush was busy reading schoolbooks upside down while the towers were coming down, and I didn’t hear the GOP chairman complaining about wasting taxpayer dollars then. He’s the president. We don’t have to like him or agree with him, but speaking to school children is hardly indoctrination. At a minimum it’s civics.

It’s even more embarrassing that many of the same people complaining have no problem with indoctrinating our children into the Christian faith, using tax dollars and government programs. These members of the GOP are, doing one useful thing; they’re making the best argument yet for small government. I, for one, sure don’t want any of them involved in making decisions.

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