Jet lagged

Posted in Travel at 16:44 by RjZ

Sorry to disappoint my loyal readers…I know I’ve been away for over three weeks, but I’ve been away gathering new material. Three weeks in China mean I’ve spent about six weeks in the far east nation this year, and just about everything you see in China can start a conversation.

I usually face jet lag when traveling east, and this trip from Hong to Seoul to Los Angeles to Denver certainly did a number on me. I’ve been back for two days and can barely keep my eyes open, even though I can’t seem to close them for most of the night.

But I have big plans. I am putting together a complete travelogue of my three week trip. I hope to describe the ups and downs, the plans, the sites; mention all of the costs and hassles of the complete trip. So, stay tuned, for this China series and let me know what kind of information would be helpful for you to hear.

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