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Posted in at 9:54 by RjZ

I’m trying out Meebo which puts that disturbing bar down at the bottom of your browser for this site. I’ve noticed all the cool kids are on those “social networking” sites like faces book, and flicker, and that the hipsters like to tell their friends they dig something or stumbled on it. Oh, you kids today. With Meebo you can easily share links and point your friends to the humorous, insightful and interesting things I have to say. It’ll make you seem all connected and in the loop and stuff to point out this blog to people. I’m sure it will. You can even chat with online friends on the book of your faces there and discuss the clever things I’ve written. Oh, and maybe you’ll appear worldly or something. With your help, my readership might double from seven to maybe fourteen….or twelve,or whatever.

If you haven’t seen Meebo before, maybe try it out and let me know what you think.

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