Six billion people can’t be wrong

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You know why you should be reading this blog? Because big news media outlets like CNN have clearly just run out of things to say. CNN is amazed that Facebook now has over half a billion users. “Who in the world isn’t on Facebook” the headline asks. The overwhelming majority of the planet and even plenty of people who own a computer, according to the statistics in the article.

I’m on Facebook, but don’t bother to look for me there. I’ve never updated my “status” and my pictures there link to flickr. I’ve nothing against Facebook and think it has quite a lot of value. Letting people know where I’m headed next week so they can give me tips or, even better, meet me there, sounds like fun (although I’ve never taken advantage of it; I just send an e-mail). Facebook has enabled me to actually have some fun while I am stuck in a tiny apartment in Frankfurt for work. I’ve met a few people through the groups hosted by Facebook and I am invited to ride my bicycle every Sunday through the hills of Hessen (if only I brought it to Europe with me…) I enjoy hearing many of the things my friends and acquaintances have to share and comment now and again on their pictures and links and I see pictures of my nephews and nieces there, which I only rarely received before.

I think the privacy concerns that many have are about as ridiculous as their need to share what they had for breakfast or what time they’re finally giving up and going to sleep. If people are honestly worried about privacy then, simply, don’t share! As for the rest, I have a blog and share photos regularly on a photo sharing sight; I am sure the online world gets more than enough of me.

Meanwhile, while paid and trained journalists whine about the death of journalism, this very blog and thousands like it (you know, the ones that were never the “what I had for breakfast” type have at least something to say. We may not be all that great (and some of us really ought to have better editors (I’m looking at my own reflection here)) but at least you didn’t come here expecting breaking news, so you’re far less likely to be disappointed.

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