Arigato gosaimasu

Posted in Travel at 5:45 by RjZ

We say this constantly to each other. I say it to the merchant and he says it back. The bus driver responds in kind, as does the hostel receptionist. If I bump into someone and say excuse me, they excuse themselves, like it was their fault and then say it. Japan is so incredibly polite, that “thank you very much” might be the most useful phrase you can learn, and you will certainly have plenty of practice hearing it and saying it.

Japan is also a beautiful place and it is keeping me busy enough that even when the hostel has free internet access as this one does. I haven`t had much time to add observations from my travels here…but they`re coming soon. (Not to mention typing on the Japanese keyboard is a bit of a challenge!)

Meanwhile thanks for waiting…arigato gosaimasu.

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