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I know, we’re old skool. It’s not cool any more to actually have a blog. Nowadays, everyone’s a blogger, one-line-at-time over there on twitter and facebook. You know how I know? Many of my blog-links on the right of this page (as of writing) haven’t been updated in months, (alright, years).

If you’re still reading this site, and, even better, writing something yourself, we should, um, you know, share a link or something. Send me yours and I’ll send you mine. Even if it is one-line-at-a-time twitter or facebook, I’d like to update all the places folks can jump to from here. Just think of all the traffic you’ll get; there are at least ten regular readers of this here blog…maybe more!

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  1. Angelique said,

    June 7, 2013 at 6:35

    Well you see I come around all the time, and I believe I commented in one of the prior years posts, but for the life of me do not know where it is in the archives, because I cannot see the headings.

    You have an awefull lot to say for a man. A real writer.

    Now about that drink.. ooops sorry, mean link ;)

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