You can’t take everything literally

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Anyone wondering about the literal truth of the Biblical story of Noah’s ark ought to have a look at this video of a man who’s built a sea- (well, river-) worthy replica in Holland. After checking out that video, compare with, say, the animals at just the San Diego Zoo. Or perhaps more impressive, the current number of known species.

The ark is big, and we can assume that there might be a few new species around since way back in Noah’s time (and that none have gone extinct, except of course, the unicorn), but, um, there are over 5000 different mammals around today! Some of them are as big as elephants! (Really!) There’s nothing wrong with the story, but it sure doesn’t seem like plausible history. (does it? your comments welcome!) And if it isn’t, how do we know which bits to believe and which are just useful stories?

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  1. David Giltner said,

    June 27, 2011 at 8:16

    …or which are just sick and twisted stories.

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