A little conservative campaign advice

Posted in at 9:28 by RjZ

David Frum, CNN columnist and soon-to-be-rejected-conservative has retracted his objection to same-sex marriages. Why? A decade ago he made the same argument that is still being made today, that same-sex marriages would damage the moral fabric of society. Thing is, they’ve been around now for quite some time and there is demonstrably no disintegration of the family, at least no greater disintegration than the previous decade.

I’ve made a similar case about health-care, and even marriage: look at other countries and if all hell didn’t break loose when they passed some highly controversial law, then, of course, you can still respectfully disagree with that law being passed where you live, but you can hardly claim gloom and doom is the likely outcome.

Put another way, this whole fear of gay marriage? Much ado about nothing! I suggest the current crop of conservative presidential candidates look somewhere else for some really divisive issues.

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