Don’t go there (until 2015)

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I travel to see and experience the world. I’ve done little to filter that view. I pick places that are cheap or easier to visit, because it makes sense on my budget and time, and I pick places that have famous things to see, because, well, there is often a darn exciting reason these things are famous!

I’ve refrained from making political choices during travel, but I picked one place to be off-limits because I just cannot stomach the choices of the ruling government. This is a shallow, arbitrary decision that, upon closer inspection, might more readily apply to one country, and might not apply to another, but so far, I’ve haven’t explored enough of the world to have any conflicts.

My off-limits country could be getting a little better soon. The Saudi Arabian king has decreed that he will finally increase the rights of women, including allowing them to vote and to run for office. Like I said, not going to a country because of a particular policy is pretty arbitrary, given the nasty behavior of so many other places, but dis-enfranchising half of the population and blaming such behavior on archane mystical beliefs is just too much for me.

Women have limited rights, in practice, in many more nations than Saudi Arabia, but only that country, of all others on the planet, still denies suffrage to women and not men.

In practice, there are many other places I am unlikley to visit, but until 2015, I can’t imagine one as safe, and easily accessable as Saudi Arabia, which will purposely be excluded from my list.

Where won’t you go?

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