Conservative yoga

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The Democrats, U.S.A.’s liberal party, have been handed an election year gift. It seems that after bi-partisan efforts by both political parties in the Senate, an overwhelming majority managed to agree to “kick the can down the road” and ensure that U.S. Americans get to keep a pay-roll tax break and unemployment benefits for at least another two months. In order to accomplish this, the Democrats made a huge concession and there will even be a vote on a pipeline to bring natural gas from Canada to the United States; even though this is a rider on a bill; has nothing to do with what’s being voted on, and is almost as bad as all those earmarks we always hear about.

Meanwhile, even after no indication of such resistence from Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the conservative party in the house of representatives refused to vote on the measure. The senate had already gone home for the holidays but conservatives we’re demanding they return and go into conference, to find some compromise which won’t require yet another vote in two months.

OK, it’s a fair point; two months wasn’t much of a compromise, but hey, they got something done at least. This alternative says ‘we don’t want to just kick the can down the road; we’d rather do nothing at all!. I guess the Republicans haven’t heard that U.S. citizens are fed up with bickering?

Liberals are notorious for their guilt. When elected officials on the liberal side of the aisle do something ridiculous; folks run away, embarrassed. Heck, Obama’s weakening support stems from the fact that he hasn’t done enough to please liberals; compare that with conservative’s view of him as an outright socialist.

Conservatives are different. They stick by their team, often making up crazy excuses like how wrong it would be to vote for something just to have to vote on it two months later, even though not voting means that absolutely nothing get’s done and taxes get raised!

So, let’s watch the fun…will the conservatives rally behind house Republicans or will the recognize that this was a ridiculous bit of posturing after they’d already won the battle? Will they figure out someway to support even Mr. Boehner, who’s job it was to signal to the Senate how his Republican representatives might vote so that compromise is even possible? What contortions are they likely to go through just to toe the line? I’ve heard conservatives complain about yoga, saying it’s anti-Christian. What do you think these new poses will be called as the likes of Rush Limbaugh bends over backwards to support the conservatives in the House of Representatives?

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