I’ve been cheating on you

Posted in at 15:24 by RjZ

I’m coming clean. This isn’t the only place I write. I’ve been blogging businessy things over at Eye On Technology for a little while now. I didn’t mean to hold out on you. I just thought, I dunno, you might not be interested. Traveling Hypothesis supposed be about travel and things I’ve learned by traveling. It’s already scattered enough. But, you know, sometimes other stuff pops into my head, and I think another ten readers might care.

I thought you might find this one interesting. I suggest a common thread between Microsoft software, the Toyota Camry, and the super-size meal. Think of it as Freakonomics’ long lost little brother. Without the Ph.D. in economics.

Go read it and maybe leave a comment. It’ll make my website look more professional. Or not.

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