Raising a family is hard work, but you don’t get paid

Posted in at 15:45 by RjZ

And they say only liberals worry about being politically correct. Conservatives are up in arms because a democratic strategist characterized Ann Romney as “not working a day in her life.” Oh, here we go…of course she’s worked! She’s raised children! How can you evil liberal elitists not acknowledge that raising kids is the most important thing in our society?

You know, it is damn important. And alright, maybe she misspoke, but um, are they saying that it isn’t clear what she meant. She hasn’t worked for a salary. It’s important, but not the same thing. And by the way, most Americans with kids have to actually manage to do both, work, and raise kids, work at home raising kids.

Or are conservatives suggesting that the occupy Wall Street crew is “working” by hanging around occupying and being the people’s megaphone?

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