Losing North Carolina means losing the White House

Posted in , Liberty at 11:16 by RjZ

Forget what you think about homosexual marriage, Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, is right. Obama may have sealed his fate as a one term president by admitting he is for equal rights for all citizens.

  • Votes in several states, not just fly-over states but California, have time and again gone against marriage-equality.
  • Evangelical voters weren’t motivated by Mitt Romney. Now they have a reason to be.
  • Conservatives can simultaneously claim to be more focused on the real issues facing Americans (the economy) and still claim to be the only reliable support of conservative social values.

All the posters about being on the wrong side of history won’t do much good if Obama wins by a landslide in liberal states and loses everywhere else.

Instead of being on the right side of history, perhaps we should be asking how to convince the religious conservatives that they, too, benefit from a country that is not a theocracy. That the government deciding who should and should not be married is exactly not the place to stick its nose.

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