One of the places I’ll never see

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I am not a muslim. I’m not a Christian either, but I’ve been to many churches around the world and see many rituals. Human culture is interesting to me, even if I don’t share the beliefs that motivate the people performing them. I don’t propose, as many religious people do that faith is what built the great religious monuments around the world. If Johann Bach weren’t inspired by his benefactor and God to write his canons and fugues, I am confident his talent might have found its muse elsewhere. That these temples, symphonies, art, and rituals might have come about for more mundane and human reasons, makes them no less amazing.

That is why I am disappointed that I will never be able to witness the Hajj. The yearly pilgrimage that all muslims are obligated to take at least once in their lives brought nearly 3.4 million people to Mecca, Saudi Arabia this year. Non-muslims are forbidden from even entering the city.

I wish I could show you my own photos from this amazing event, but don’t miss these shots from the Atlantic. If you’re muslim, hopefully you’ll experience this event (god willing, as they say) for yourself. If not, this is the closest you’re going to get.

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